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Tracey Derrick Photographer South Africa


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Madalena Coutinho Raposa and family in a village outside Teté. Goat slaughtered in my honour, 1994.
Tete airport, 1994 - welcoming ceremonies for Frelimo in preperation for Chissano's "comico", his Brazilian designed election campaign.
Mutarara airport, 1994, I flew out due to a sudden appearance of bubonic plague.
Donana Bridge, 1994 – destroyed by Renamo and Frelimo, is a 12 064 foot (3 677km) walk, one of the longest bridges in Africa.
Josina Machel, 1994 – village outside Teté, fifty two percent of national primary school network closed down due to the conflict.
Baue at Mutara Sede, 1994 – refugee transit camp, many children don’t speak Portuguese because they’ve grown up in exile.
Still Moving

Photographs from Moçambique

Inspired by South Africa's first democratic elections, I hitch-hiked to Maputo, which became my operational base.
I was able to travel extensively around the country with the United Nations peacekeeping force.
Fluent in Portuguese, I was able to communicate closely with Moçambicans about their experiences and circumstances. I stayed in small villages and travelled with Moçambican refugees returning from Malawi.

I continually encountered the signs of the decades-long civil war which ravaged the country, but was able to focus on the tremendous optimism among the people. Amidst the litter and waste of war, family and community ties remained strong. This secured a determination for peace.

I thank the families that took me into their homes and opened their lives to me.

Tracey Derrick
November 1994


Solo Exhibition

* July 1995 Association for Visual Arts, Cape Town, South Africa.

Group Exhibition

* June 1996 'Points of View', Grahamstown Festival, Grahmastown, South Africa.
* November 2011 'A Natural Selection: 1991 - 2011', Association for Visual Arts, 40 year retrospective curated by Clare Butcher.