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Tracey Derrick Photographer South Africa


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Miss Gay Hollywood look-a-like competition, 1997.
Waiting for farmers at Van Schoorsdrift forest, 1998.
'Knights' - the men 2 men massage parlour, 1998.
'Body Heat' - upper class strip tease club, 1998.
George - who delights in cross dressing for the street, 1997.
Milnerton beach – Basha and the transvestite gang with Salvador, 1998.

Basic Necessity

Sex workers around and about Cape Town

“We have more words for sex work than we have for money – they have as many about us. It is a scorned, marginalised and persecuted industry, the oldest profession – veiled in myth. I found myself challenging the social and cultural myths about sex work and the world of sex workers. They made this exhibition come alive – they are this challenge. They are courageous, laugh at themselves, laugh at the society they live in. They are wicked and I love that – everybody sells themselves in some way.”

Solo exhibitions

* August 1999 Association for Visual Arts, cape Town, South Africa.
* September 1999 Cape Town Month of Photography, The Granary, Cape Town.
* October 2001  'Rencontres de la Photographie Africaine' de Bamako, Mali.
* September 2002 Fnac Etoile, Une selection des 4 Rencontres de la Photographie Africaine, Direct de Bamako, Mali, Paris, France.

Group exhibitions

* July 1998 The Gap - João Ferreira Art gallery, Grahamstown Festival, Grahamstown.
* August 2001 'Topography' - 35 South African photographers with ZAP, Zimbabwe Association of Photographers, Zimbabwe.
* February 2003  AFAA - L'Association Francaise d'Action Artistique, tour of Brazil, open in Salvador, Musee d'Art Moderne, Rio de Janeiro, Brasilia, Recife. Group exhibitions