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Tracey Derrick Photographer South Africa


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Lombardie, Riebeeksrivier, Malmesbury, 2001.
De Waal Park tree, Cape Town, 1993.
Milnerton Beach & Table Mountain, 1997.
Sossiesvlei, Namibia, 1997.
Oxford street, Observatory, 2000.
Kunene River with Himba, Namibia, 1997.
Her and me

The travels of Salvador

I found Salvador on a roof fifteen years ago, and became captivated by her sense of humour as a “guard dog”.  Her interaction with the world was barking at the life passing below her, scaring innocent pedestrians.

We lived together ever since that time.  In those fifteen years we were literally never separated.  Sometimes I wonder if she was my shadow or if I was hers.  We criss-crossed Southern Africa  together, moved homes, bought cameras and cars together, slept, ate, walked, ran and played and laughed together, on mountains,
beaches and deserts, through rivers, in seas and rain, in cities, on farms and in rural villages.

These pictures of Salvador are partly a tribute to that relationship, partly a tribute to herself.  Mostly they are about what Sal taught me: love, bravery, integrity, fun, loyalty, the ever-present moment of now. It is almost as if, by showing these photographs of Sal, I am showing photographs of myself.
About the intensity and continuity of our friendship.

Certainly, as my ever-present companion, she was the constant thread woven through all my work and its imagery.

She died 2nd August 2005, naturally at home.


Solo Exhibitions

* March 2003

Okha Gallery, Cape Town Festival and 'Night Vision', curated by Association for Visual Arts Gallery and Bell Roberts Gallery.

* October 2003 L'atitude Club, Riebeek Kasteel, part of education project for S.P.C.A.

Group Exhibitions

* October 1998

Salvador in Namibia, "Interpreting Landscapes",
The Arts Association of Belville, Cape Town.

* September 1999 Castle of Good Hope, Cape Town Month of Photography, Cape Town.
* July 2003 AVA members exhibition, Association for Visual Arts, Cape Town.