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Tracey Derrick Photographer South Africa


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      Tracey Derrick Photographic Projects
Side by Side
Women in the 1994 Election
Side by Side  
  Still moving Still Moving
Photographs from Moçambique
The Waters of Life
Zionist ceremonies in the townships of Cape Town
Waters of Life  
  red Ochre People The Red Ochre People
Himba in the Kaokoveld, Northern Namibia
Becoming a Sangoma
Dream healing
Dream Healing  
  Hope from Home Hope from Home
Refugees from Africa living in Cape Town
Basic Necessity
Sex workers around and about Cape Town
basic Nescessity  
  Liquid Life Liquid life
We cannot live without the wet
Her and me
The travels of Salvador
her amd me  
  Earth Works EarthWorks
The lives of farm laborers in the Swartland
Eye Inside
Women inmates at the Malmesbury prison 
Eye Inside  
  Eye Inside One in Nine
  Surviving breast cancer
Touching Olives 
Hand-tinted studies of olives 
   Home Time 
 Portraits of home